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Forsaken World - Expect Us Şarkı Sözleri & Dinle

Forsaken World - Expect Us şarkısının şarkı sözleri ve youtube müzik klibi sizlerle. En güzel Forsaken World şarkıları ile müzik dinlemenin keyfini çıkarın.

Müzik dinlemeyi seven siz değerli takipçilerimize Expect Us Şarkı Sözlerini sunuyoruz. Sanatçımız Forsaken World Şarkı Sözlerinden olan parçamız yine klibiyle beraber sitemizde hakettiği yeri alıyor.

Forsaken World - Expect Us Şarkı Sözleri

Throw yourself into the giant web
Drown yourself in the binary sea
Expose your life to the ghost world
Show us your ugly dog or your hot pussy, Dear
Everything you do will remain 'till the end of time
Immortality on your fingertips

We Are not Anonymous
We Are Alone (here in the light of our screen)
We Forget to read the Privacy Policy
We Forgive those who rape our lives
Expect Us

Tell me where are you right now, and upload the picture of your diner.
I want to know every single second of your life.
Be quick before you vanish somewhere in my timeline.

Welcome in the domain of Ignorance
Entrance ticket is your Innocence
Come on join the table of the mighty bytes
And start to download your virtual sins
Steal A Thousand hours of work in a single minute
This is just how you thank the ones who made you dreams

At every single click
In each pixels
We can see your slightest gestures
We are the red notification on the top left of your screen

So try to close the door of your life, I will lurk you by the window
Connect your children to the best sex educator,
broadcast themselves to the smartest predators.

Forsaken World
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