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Forsaken World - Ashes Of Your Past Beliefs Şarkı Sözleri & Dinle

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Forsaken World - Ashes Of Your Past Beliefs Şarkı Sözleri

Wake up, Mankind.
How did you fall so down?
Selling your life to a "higher Power" futile thing.
There is no creator, no savior, no god, no sense of it all.

Everything is an illusion, we are just a piece of material on a floating cell.
Imagine what is Universe is impossible.
We will never know what actually is Universe.
Because there's always something beyond, a limit, a boundary, infinite is impossible.

Everything you think, say, or designate,
are creations of the organic matter we are.
So all these things do not exist. You do not exist.
We're not so different from any other matter, 'cause we're there without being there.
Somewhere, lost in the vast unknown.
Ashes of Your Past Beliefs

What has been able to create such a thing? Oh no certainly not "God",
He is also an invention to hide the truth that we do not know.
Hazard? Random cannot exists without an initial something.
So what was there before this dark immensity?
Nothing? Impossible, because nothingness cannot exist without nothing.

We're all the same,
No higher power,
No savior, No creator,
No answers, No SENSE,

By the simple fact that nothing exists, everything is just an illusion of what we think we know.


Forsaken World
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