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Forsaken World - Fragments Of A Modern Extinct Era Şarkı Sözleri & Dinle

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Forsaken World - Fragments Of A Modern Extinct Era Şarkı Sözleri

Now that we have collected all the Fragments Of A Modern Extinct Era,
Let's bury them, into the ashes of Earth,
And cover them with our endless will to build a better world.
And by that Day, we swear that we'll never dig up them, for prosperity of OOS.
For the good of all the Survivors, the Forsaken World must never become like the Modern Extinct Era.
We understood, As Time Reflects Our End.

We've found a new hope,
Out of the ashes of our fathers,
And by this acid rain who washed out our sins.
All of these Fragments finally unites in our minds
To gather these words:
"Recovery, Rebuild, Prosper"

Three words to unify everyone,
under the same banner.
Today we're all guilty,
for everything that happens.
Never take what we have for granted.

Beyond all logics,
Everything can always be reborn out of Nothing.
Physics Laws taken to pieces in a single blink.

Today we're all witnesses,
Of the Rising of a new world.
This time we are the builders,
And we will build it from our blood.
Enhancement of a World that once was.

Forsaken World
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