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Articles by "Wu Tang Clan Şarkı Sözleri"

Wu Tang Clan - Ruckus In B Minor Şarkı Sözleri

[Intro - RZA:]
Huh, after all these years, what you said was true
The Shaolin and the Wu-Tang is very dangerous
[Interlude 1 - Ol' Dirty Bastard:]
It's the ODB kid, once again coming through your area.
And I'm going to tell you one time, you gon' love this
[Verse 1 - Inspectah Deck:]
I had to get the money, said it wasn't a choice
Die Hard's on the bars, Ladies lovin' the voice
Morphine flow, numbing your joints
Bomb a nigga like he number 81 from Detroit
Zombie life, World War Z
Antidote to your virus, your highness, the world on me
Capital G, cool as the dude from Dos Equis
So deadly, I don't make it rain, I snow heavy
Sick lane, Nic Cage how I ride with fire
Forever with bars, sort of like a lifer
With the Son of Anarchy, I be Breaking Bad
Walking Dead, day dreaming of making a band
Dancing With the Stars, Americans Idol me
The Mentalist with the Big Bang Theory
[Hook - Method Man:]
Still number one, still number one, still number one, one, one
Still number one, still number one, still number one, one, one
[Verse 2 - U-God:]
The most duplicated, anticipated, validated
Urban legends in the books with the ones who made it
Highly celebrated, everything was work related
Current top 40 got the Wu deep in all their business
20 years Killa Bees, yeah, we hold the pennant
Monumental stance on the cover with my co-defendants
Drop her sentence, in remembrance
Construct these jewels so they can live through my descendants
[Bridge - Method Man:]
Younging, I can see your draws, pull your pants up
Can't even call yourself a man until you man up
And if you call yourself a fan you need to stand up
This ain't a party, it's a jux, keep your hands up
And I don't care who runs the city when the summer come
Your summer's done, Wu forever, and we're still number one
[Verse 4 - Cappadonna:]
Picture a young nigga on the strip getting rich off the drug shit
Putting other niggas on, teaching ‘em thug shit
Then they want stick 'em up, then they get slugs quick
Hood-type niggas always living that crime life
Jealous-ass grimy niggaMy lines is like Peruvian coke, go ahead and try one
My recipe is A1 remarkable with my mixture
Rainman mathematician, this city slicker
Finest threads cover my frame, the cloths of royalty
Strive with an army of winners and no pretenders
(*One*) We live free and achieve more
But first we gotta win with no stale mate
The all eye seeing is victorious biz to the sound man
[Verse 7 - Masta Killa:]
All my trucks, tanks are bulletproof, been the truth
Loot the track, clear the booth, my thought ready, aim, shoot
My knowledge one twenty proof, let's tear the roof off
Let's spray, M-A-S-T-A
King I Love-Love club, pack stadium rock
I hold the mic snug, split a slug
Black ninja, mask and gloves

Wu Tang Clan
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Wu Tang Clan - Felt Şarkı Sözleri

[Intro - RZA:]
Feelings. The emotional side of a man, woman or a child's character. A response or tendency to respond. A belief, which can be vague, illogical, but emotionally irrational
[Verse 1 - Masta Killa:]
I never gave a fuck on how the next nigga felt
I rocked a heavyweight belt cause that's the way I felt
Still feel, so inspired to write a rhyme that's ultimately
No other emcee could get with me, is way I felt
Don't forget the first time you heard me rhyme the way
The first time you heard "Protect Ya Neck", the way you felt
Like no other hip hop record ever made you felt
Cards dealt, played my handle, when no matter how I felt
[Verse 2 - Cappadonna:]
Every time we touch the mic, you know our lyrics is felt
Worldwide, live, polaroid shit, all my homies is
And we ride out to all of our music is
Yeah, we gets busy, teach the youth because we know how it felt
Give em Knowledge of self expressing in a way that it's felt
So each and every person to recognize what they felt
Watch your mind state because the evil could be felt
You never know, how when I first came out, how my brothers felt
I've been going through it, plus a lot of deep pain was felt
We would last for a night, but a better tomorrow
[Verse 3 - Ghostface Killah:]
I felt the angel of death breathe
When I felt the four fifths something told me squeeze
I felt like it was the end of a dynasty
Like I was fighting a clique of five Chinese thieves
Karate slippers with slip on's so I kept slippinThe floor was too smooth felt like I couldn't catch a grip in
Felt like Dragonfly Jones, was Dragonfly Tone
So I kept spitting, woke up when I heard the phone
[Verse 4 - Method Man:]
I never gave a what on how the next rapper felt
I take that rapper's belt myself, I feel how Cappa felt
I don't really need help, use a sharpie, don't need the felt
Marker, walk on water, I see how Jesus felt
No rhyme or reason, just bleeding, my every breathing's felt
This about a thesis that even paraplegics felt
These boys ain't needing, they barely breathing, believe it, seen it
Till you got cheated, you couldn't tell me how cheating felt
I'm not a failure, I couldn't tell ya how losing felt
Might not have nailed her, but I can tell ya how spooning felt
Remember when you first heard the rap and the way it felt
I burned the track with a murder rap and I know it's felt

Wu Tang Clan
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Wu Tang Clan - Mistaken Identity Şarkı Sözleri

Wanna go home and see my wife and kids
I wanna go home and see my wife and kids
I wanna go home
I wanna go home
I wanna go home
Wanna go home and see my wife and kids
I wanna go home and see my wife and kids
I wanna go home
[Verse 1 - Inspectah Deck:]
They want me locked down, fryin' in jail
Before you hear that I decided to tell, I'd rather die in a cell
I was framed like a wedding flick, 2 time felon
Still a predicate, doin' time, tell 'em that's a negative
Prejudice judge, bails be a mil' in cash
Scorin' money like the meter on the Yellow Cab
Give the witness an unexpected visit
Make his story change like walls blockin' his vision
Couldn't give a clear description, fearin' the repercussions
Like, "I was on the ground, I ain't see him bustin'"
Now the DA chasin' a plea, they hatin' I'm free
The case is mistaken identity
[Verse 2 - Method Man:]
Whoever push me like Pusha T, I push back
I push a cap, before '93, I pushed crack
I'm hood, black, you know me well, what's good Scrap?
I'm smokin' rappers, you are a L, what's good Smack?
Hold up that's goods rap, pardon self
I just like good rap, but when I see goods I give his goods back
I rap for riders that pack strap to rhymers that backpack
To 25 to lifers that jack MAC
We movin' ratchets, no Kat Stacks, it's magic
The way we flip the package before the coppers can catch it
I'm past that chapter in life, let's live it lavish
When life take a piss in your bed, you flip the mattress
Before you try and get my head, get you some Pampers
Then take a long look at my ish and get your answers
Kick in my vicinity, I'm what rappers pretend to be
Charge 'em with a penalty, mistaken identity
[Hook x2 - Streetlife:]
Mistaken identity, you highly mistaken me
Check my ID, Wu-Tang, that's the legacy
[Verse 3 - U-God:]
Fresh off of work, he jumped out the van
Two suitcases, dangle on his hands
He opened up the door, headed up the stairs
Thought he heard a noise, but no one else was there
First sight he saw, struck him by surprise
Two shots was given, between his girl's eyes
Windows blown out, no prints on the door
All he seen was blood stains, smear the damn floor
911, ambulance showed up
Blood everywhere, paramedics throwin' up
Cops cuffed him up, hit him with the charge
But he was bangin' Mrs. Prixy at the Motor Lodge
He got his alibis, gonna use 'em all
The screw fit the judge, he might take the fall
Someone set him up, a botched robbery
Mistaken identity, yeah it gotta be
[Verse 4 - Cappadonna:]
17 years old, I'm headed back to the hole
Mistaken identity, every way was sold
I look like a hoodlum, I rock a lot of gold
They lockin' everybody up, ship your ass up the road
I ain't have a 9 on me, they was lyin' on me
Court day with my old bird, they was spyin' on me
Tried to set me up, plantin' coke in my pocket
The beast pat me up, they won't let me off
[Verse 5 - Masta Killa:]
Na-n-n-n-n-n-n-nah it wasn't me
It could never been the G-O-D, not me
You terribly mistaken, son, I ain't the one
We could never look nothin' like, whether near or far sight
What resemblance does he strike? So my mic Fahrenheit
W for my a-alike, your DNA match tight
Even if they bite us, close but not quite
They still tryna get it right, mistaken identity
[Hook x4]
[Hook x4]

Wu Tang Clan
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Wu Tang Clan - Hold The Heater Şarkı Sözleri

[Intro - RZA:]
Windshield, rappers are like gnats
They're gettin' splattered 'pon the windshield
Fallin' down like London Bridge, my blade split your onion head
Axe that like Paul Bunyan, Meth prefers the gun instead
Bong bong, put a hole inside your head
[Hook x2:]
We keep it rugged
We keep it rough
We keep it real
We keep it raw
[Verse 1 - Cappadonna:]
How come the streets don't want me to live?
Plus my niggas keep tellin' me fibs
But the devil done poisoned my wiz
I'm doin' this for my family and kids
I'm tryna be wealthy, take my time right and stay healthy
Said it before but I don't think nobody felt me
Yo tried to understand this hand that this life dealt me
I'm on the verge of a whole new makeover
My fake friends, they can take it like a takeover
I'm ready to eat, I'm ready to grip it
Got enemies everywhere, I got chicks that's wicked
Sick shit, niggas doin' wicked ass wig shit
Bid shit, tellin' jakes that I had the biscuit
Niggas be wantin' my leftovers
I'm like a general that died and lost some of his best soldiers
I burn holsters and I kill that dirt religion
Murk that pigeon and I shoot the television
[Verse 2 - U-God:]
Got that trey pound on you, run down on you
Hard boiled nigga, Clan top soil
My fam straight royal, I'm a die loyal
When them shooters come for you, better throw your flag 'em
I'm pure gun oil, let 'em see that hand cannon
Foundation strong, never ride a bandwagon
Andrew Jacksons, hand-to-hand transaction
Cops jumped out, caught him with his pants sagginCriminal individuals up in here
Wild like the theme park ride called The Buccaneer
Weed in the Tupperware, throw you off the upper tiers
Suweeee, I got all my niggas up in here
[Hook x2]
[Bridge - RZA:]
Imagine the sound of your face scrapin' up against the gate
Of a barbed wire fence, this is barbed iron fist
Heartthrob, iron dick, hoes slob the nob quick
This is odd, so throw it in your iPod quick
[Verse 3 - GZA:]
Lifeless activity, constant movement
Buyin' elasticity, such improvement
Sword held to where it collapses inward
Spillin' rhymes if it's Shaolin vineyards
RZA had a mixture, then he added sound to the picture
Co-author rewrote the scripture
Math worked from birth, doubled the net worth
Amplified in the time machine of early Earth
A two-way radio, simple yet complex
Receivers, transmitters, interest to contacts
The emergence of the earliest atoms
Transform to a level extremely hard to fathom
Same soup, different bowl, Wu ceramics
Same group on them large-scale dynamics
A wave triggered the burst, glass was shattered
Galactic matter served on a graphic platter
[Hook x2]
[Verse 4 - Method Man:]
Overachiever, power hungry overeater
I95, whip fly like an overseer
I'm overconfident but some might say I'm overeager
Or overzealous, especially when it's over cheeba
I got a soldier's features, I rock the coldest sneakers
My sneakers' so cold, can't wear 'em 'less you hold the heater
Can't push me over either, that go for dojas
I ain't got no love for posers neither, keep my composure
I'm focused, tryna roll the reefer, let's turn it up
Forget the cope, I'm tryna blow the speaker, that's all he wrote
One verse could turn your soul to ether
It's time you gave me my respects just like the old Aretha, Mr. Meth
[Hook x2]

Wu Tang Clan
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Wu Tang Clan - Crushed Egos Şarkı Sözleri

[Intro - Kung-Fu Sample:]
You've practiced 20 years? You must be extremely good then
Perhaps, you'll try with me
[Verse 1 - Raekwon:]
Come and taste my seasonin', Chef, the cooking that is marvelous
Back over a stove, makin' your mouth water, you starve for this
Exclusive sneakers with hard denim, heavyweight
A neighbor illustrated Alex Haley with paper
Waves spinnin' like the Titanic, come take a float on
Silky like King Henry VIII's robe in late spring
Restaurants with skeleton keys, it's big business
Well groomed and elegant posture is real dapper
Status is gigantic, culture's alpaca
Meetings in the Vatican, drinkin' scotch with the Muscle Milk
Praises go to Ason, the dynasty Mr. Russell built
Feed me royal shottas with Glocks, clean 'em with GT Oil
China dolls from Bangkok, we bang 'em, train 'em and make 'em loyal
Trees stank, she come kiss the top of my Yves Saint
Wise-Universal Tang when I bang
Grizzly with the big bank, it's 5 stars, y'all, when I call rank
[Hook x2:]
Egos are somethin' that the Wu-Tang crush
These stupid jealous niggas, y'all 'bout to get rust
This ashes to ashes to dust to dust
These derelict MC's cannot fuck with us, Lord
[Verse 2 - Raekwon:]
Rifles out, bear like the Russian
Octagon tuggin' silk drawers frontin', while her head stuntin[?]flood the garage
Man the goats launchin' charge cards from Africa
Catch me in the hookah lodge
Brains linked, twisted Cohibas, say the seeds bang
Coffee pots with graveyard rings, flippin' Gs
Yankee hoodlum on the top of the charts
Dart throwers, they're sharks
Everybody wanna know when my gun barks
[Bridge - RZA:]
Non-athletic anti-semetic synthetic rappers get no credit
Pathetic septic lines, incompetent styles not embedded
Wu-Tang slang bangs in your brain, this is not genetic, prophetic
Unadulterated talent while y'all talk that bullshit rhetoric

Wu Tang Clan
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Wu Tang Clan - Keep Watch Şarkı Sözleri

[Verse 1 - Method Man:]
I ain't trying to be no D-boy
I love music, I'm a b-boy
Are you the undercover or the decoy
I'm heavy with the D, Trouble T Roy
A pit with no muzzle, about to bust your bubble like a keloid
Too much marijuana got me p-noid
I'm killing instrumentals with that All So Simple Can It Be, boy
Shout to Lil Cease, B.I.G., boy
And Funk Doctor Spock, I mean Redman that's not Leonard Nimoy
88 keys on the keyboard
I'm down to catch wreck, take them first three letters out of record
It's Meth, you heard it through the wire I could be more
Or washed up like Sonny Black's body on the seashore
That's a problem, I could be yours
A monster without the mad scientist and Igor
I've heard it before, a third of these boys
Got murder raps and never even murdered before
[Hook - Nathaniel:]
Keep watch, lights out when the beat drop
Keeping the streets locked
I'm calling all G's from each block, from each block
Keep watch, lame niggas out there can kick rocks
Run these streets out here don't need cops
I'm calling all G's from each block, from each block
[Verse 2 - Inspectah Deck:]
Codename Sensei, I live what my pen say
Game hall of fame, flow is MJ
Muy caliente, je m'apelle Rebel, capiche, comprende?
Son I'm touching 'em up, trust I'm like
Justin Tuck how they ducking the rush
Trying to break bad, you catch a bad break
Like I own a bake shop how I stack cakes
Greatness was nothing, Deck the next Nike ad
Wifey bad and my life got 'em slightly mad
Cause I shine like chrome in July
Soldier I opened your eyes, noticed the lies
DEA say I'm drugging 'em
I get you leaning hard, I get the fiends to nod, I mean they loving 'em
All hail your highness, terrific win
Put a so-called beast in his place, Pacific Rim
[Verse 3 - Cappadonna:]
Foul ass police, crooked ass friends
I don't give a fuck yo, the drama never ends
I'm a project nigga, I don't care about the Benz
Plus I had a lot of chicks, you can have those bitches
But I murder your bloodclot if you touch my riches
Yeah crazy ass skipper, I be in the slums, nigga
Fuck where I come from I'm a quiet gangster nigga
First I get you comfortable, then I start shanking niggas
Park Hill code is don't violate the family
Brother to brother it's no snakes in the amnesty
I come through wilding on some Wu-Tang Can It Be
Googly-eyed nigga, chop his face in the ministry
Never scared to do the time, fuck the penitentiary
Leave a bunch of dead niggas, don't forget to mention me
The angel of rap, the un-ordinary light
Already did what I was gonna do before you even got the mic
[Verse 4 - GZA:]
We left a large solar cloud distinguished by size
Interaction with the wise and civilized
The mind caused matter to fall into a center
A great deal of heat that'll radiate within ya
From out of this collision
The central cord became thick enough to trap its own light and bring vision
Each drop full of Hip Hop energy
Balanced on all sides such great symmetry
The bars unlocked the power of the stars
The mirror in the telescope pinpoint the Gods
From a distance, acting as a guiding coach
Analyze the board, universal approach
Retune the soul to a certain pitch
Changing the frequency frequently, hitting a certain switch
The love is paramount, the connect is brotherly
Respect for the intellect and broad discovery

Wu Tang Clan
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Wu Tang Clan - Miracle Şarkı Sözleri

[Hook x2:]
If a miracle, could save us from
The travesty, that we've become
If a million sons would stand as one
We will overcome, overcome
[Verse 1 - Inspectah Deck:]
The whole world trippin', listen it's still a cold world
The other day I had to bury my homegirl
Wrong place, caught one in her face
Plus her man's on the run and couldn't come to the wake
For Heaven's sake, you pray God open the gate
In this modern day Sodom, that's their only escape
10 year olds are cold, no, they don't hesitate
2 up a G pack, he chose the whole 8
Catch a 5 to 10 sellin' 5's and 10's
And the police informer was your childhood friend
In the real world, gotta hustle for your dream
Extend your clips, fit the muzzle with the beam
For the love of cream, it's nothin' but routine
Swing on the judge, take a couple for the team
He's the young Capone, he grew up in a drug home
Stranded on the Ave with a blunt and his gun shown
[Verse 2 - Masta Killa:]
Alive, seen things from the Godfather saga
A Martin Scorsese classic and I'm the author
Drama at the opera, crime story novel
Tuxedo suit and silencer on the nozzle
Meeting place scheduled at the Broadway musical
Bravo, we arrive in bulletproof limo
Shotgun, the underboss of our main source
Of interest, the black widow cocaine empress
A princess rich from her family's inheritance
Now let's talk business, begin by addressin' the bricks
That was missin' in the last shipment
At first, everything nice, everything routine
Jocks lining up the food, we blessed him with the cream
But on this day he wasn't ready and my God sense keen
I noticed that his normal firm handshake shook
It wasn't steady when he squeezed
[Verse 3 - Raekwon:]
He went from prince to a king out of a life of rubbish
Wearin' tailor-made suits, Sky Dwellers and clusters
To perfection, rags to riches, the evil's done influenced
That pushed him off the edge, they said the greed made him do it
You're my right hand, damn, he fucked the trust up
It's ruined, niggas caught him slidin' on his belly
I'm grippin' on my hammer with the silencer twisted
Contemplatin' murder now, I'm 'bout to swerve on my biscuit
But it's my man at the same time, I don't wanna do him
He violated, broke a major code, bar what you stealin' now
It's over, in the falls of Niagara, he was soakinWith a shell case stuck in his head, they found him floatin[Hook x2]
[Verse 4 - Ghostface Killah:]
Allah let me lay in your arms
Hold me like a newborn, sing to me the most sweetest song
The exalted, the most benevolent
The knower of all, keep me safe 'till I return back to your residence
This Earth, my place of birth
As time went through the ages it got worse
Sicknesses, beheadings in Syria
Ebola's killin' my people, it's gettin' scarier
Most foods ain't even real, the chip is here
Deadly fluids bein' released, contracted through air
Dear God, it's been a minute since I cried out
Since mama died, I never wild out
We need help like the phone's 'bout to die out
Can you hear me? Can you hear me now?
We need a miracle
Destroy the FDA for holdin' back cures so they can get paid

Wu Tang Clan
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Wu Tang Clan - Preacher's Daughter Şarkı Sözleri

[Hook x2:]
The only girl that could ever please me
Was the daughter of a preacher man
[Verse 1 - Method Man:]
Yo, pa, I got a lady, I'm 'bout to make her my baby
Might even make a baby, the thesis makin' her crazy
She know my style wavy, I'm circlin' her Mercedes
Father, father was a preacher, I'm almost certain he hates me
But he ain't gotta date me and look, his baby is grown
And she decides on her own who resides on the throne
I'm her king, she my queen, we keep it right in the zone
And she understands the fact that I'm even right when I'm wrong
When she was prayin' in church, I was playin' in dirt
That's 100, I admit that we both was playin' at first
When opposites attract, I ain't always sayin' it works
I'm just sayin' ain't no use in me strayin', that make it worse
It's Wu-Tang, baby, my crew bang
And she's the preacher's daughter, I just call her my boo thang
And we tighter than shoestrings, or 10 grand in rubber bands
Man, sometimes I tell your parents just don't understand
[Verse 2 - Masta Killa (RZA):]
No. yo, you mean Pastor Brown's daughter?
The preacher, the rich slave-maker of the poorer?
I used to see her Sundays comin' from church
We used to kick it at her window when her pops at work
Yo, her parents didn't play
She couldn't even come out to play on a school day
Thought she was gonna give me some on April Fool's day
(But no, no way) nah, (no, no-no, no-no, no-no way)
[Verse 3 - Cappadonna:]
The preacher's daughter, she an illegitimate child
She know the word, but she be runnin' in them streets foul
She married to a man, but she's crushin' his brother now
See her in the market place loud and boisterous
With tight spandex on, chokin' her oysters
She a seductress in the form of a goddess
Never virtuous or modest, poison the part is
Breakin' the vessel, turn brother against brother
Man, that's how she molest you
That's why the preacher man prolly a mess too
Cause the fruit that she devourin' is evil
Never sin around righteous people
Black widow, preacher's daughter comin' to eat you
[Hook x4]
[Verse 4 - Ghostface Killah:]
I met her on the bus stop with black eyes
That's why she said she don't fuck with black guys
I cleaned her up, fed her all my wisdom
Her father spit the gospel but she never caught the vision
Brutal ass whoopins, always facin' these evictions
So she only fuck with thugs that'll wind up in the system
Them greasy bastards quick to squeeze a ratchet
Never knew the science of virtue, Ecclesiastes
Like, a time for peace, a time for war
A time to laugh though, she never felt God before
Eternal love that'll pop like a kernel, this is grown folk talk
Between me and her, it don't concern you
[Hook x4]

Wu Tang Clan
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Wu Tang Clan - Necklace Şarkı Sözleri

Brother, I think that necklace is causing you too much trouble
[Verse 1 - Cappadonna:]
My necklace had the whole crowd on some next shit
The guest list full of real niggas that's hectic
The charm piece made my niggas move like calm beasts
Palm beats, two jostling niggas with long reach
Keep your eyes open for them strong on thieves
Out here looking for ice to put in they teeth
Chain glowing shining and I'm ready for beef
Like my nigga 2 Chainz, cappuccino from the east
From the Wu-Tang Clan, my necklace and my heat
Bang bang, different robe every day of the week
2 Angels, dinner plate, fat dollar sign
Universal flag on, nigga, I got shine
[Verse 2 - Raekwon:]
I keep my neck frozen, .45 loaded, please don't approach this
Rope is so ferocious, diamonds that shine in oceans
Keep you arm distant from my carats, silly rabbits
Make me get my barrel, spazzed out and cause havoc
Iced out Cubans, exotic stones from Africa
This the real thing, big bling, the chain swing
Try to swipe mines, that's a no no, the God's loco
Jury truckin' fancy spend stacks upon Delancey
Exhaust pipes coffin horse kicks
ACP's dress up the flesh, now the crime scene's gorgeous
My links is unbreakable, told y'all on the Purple Tape
40 inches hang from my neck, nigga, I'm wealthy
[Break during Interlude - Ghostface Killah:]
Why you say that?
It's real, kill a nigga for this shit
Aha, yo relax sis
[Verse 3 - Ghostface Killah:]
Dinner plates rings, smothered in 2 pounds of dope
Eric B on the cut when it blings
Scrubbin' chain down in Colgate, double edged bangers
On they hips I wait in the jaw break
The snakes and the violators, Dracula style takers
We got a bunch of gold balls, but we ain't the Lakers
Hey bitches, stay lickin' my necklace
And I ain't even put the dumb bitch in the guest list
That's what you get when you throwin' on Cuban's
Drawers that's made from silk, a robe and a Ruger
Crack heads catchin' a sweet vix on a scooter
Catch me for my chain, it belongs on a shooter
Lucky my shit blow like a horn on a tuba
You might as well do me now cause I will do ya
[Verse 4 - GZA:]
God-Cipher-Love-Divine in math 79
Bright yellow and dense in its gift and shine
Still the same when exposed to air and water
Like when amongst thieves you travellin' across the border
The brink of the metal link when in transition remains solid
The message was lost in transmission
That's often in a free elemental form
Nuggets and grains and rocks and things that's norm
Malleable ductile metal on many levels
Get you shot for a Flintstone, killed for a pebble
Lieutenants and Generals move with criminals
The pride for all in line, they hunt for mineral
The scope is on the rope, claws on the table
Brass knuckle, knees buckle, legs unstable
And it's sold by the weight
Shaped into a plate with food on it
The hungry wolves lie and wait
[Outro skit:]
Tu Tin-To. So you're the tigers of Tinan, bastard, you're gonna pay for this, you'll die here. I'll use the tiger strike to kill you all. I'll show you the three different strokes. Forest Tiger! Win Tiger, Winmau Tiger!

Wu Tang Clan
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Wu Tang Clan - Wu-tang Reunion Şarkı Sözleri

[Intro - Masta Killa:]
My seeds grow and his seeds marry his seeds
My seeds grow and his seeds marry his seeds
That's how we keep Wu-Tang forever, baby
[Verse 1 - Masta Killa:]
It's good to see the Wu-Tang family under one roof
We celebrate, toastin' shots, Ciroc 40 proof
Burgers on the grill and fried fish
The wiz made potato salad, greens for a side dish
Cold water, mill and reminisce with cousins and sisters
Children on the grass playin' ball and Twister
Fresh lemonade is made, we playin' spades
My nephews turn the livin' room into an arcade
Aunt's cherry baked pie, surprise, Johnny showed up
You can tell from the smell in the air, somethin' rolled up
It's love, peace and happiness, with the joy and laughter
Camera phones flashes, the moment is captured
[Bridge - The O'Jays:]
It's so nice to see all the folks you love together
Sittin' and talkin' 'bout all the things that's been goin' down
[Verse 2 - Method Man:]
It's goin' down
We rock all in together now, Wu-Tang forever now
Twenty years later we still bang whatever now
Turn change to cheddar
If I could take a quote from Obama, change is better
I vow to never let you down
Remember Meth Tical?
In my circle haters was never 'round
I'm a boss, hold that together loud
Reunited, the whole world excited
Wu-Tang is for the kids and people and girls invited
[Hook 2 - The O'Jays:]
Family reunion
Got to have a family reunion
Family reunion
It's so nice to come together
To get together
I wish grandma could see
The whole family
I sure miss her face
And her warm and tender embrace
[Verse 3 - Ghostface Killah:]
I miss my grandmother, my auntie and Unique Ason
I knew Dirt was high when he had that face on
Fangs hangin' out his mouth, his fronts was golden
Wildin', record execs can't control him
He said ish like me and Mariah
Hit me, woah-woah-woah, that's fire
Still no matter what we gon' rep the name
Look at your family, we got twenty years in the game
[Hook 2 - The O'Jays:]
A family reunion
Gonna have a family reunion ooh, ooh
Family reunion
It's so nice to come together
To get together
[Outro - RZA:]
Aye yo
I'd like to make a toast to my Wu-Tang family
All over the globe
East coast, west coast
All my brothas in the hood keepin' it good
Peace to the Gods and Earths
All my Latino brothers
My Asian brothers, my Caucasian brothers
Wu-Tang Forever

Wu Tang Clan
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Wu Tang Clan - Pioneer The Frontier Şarkı Sözleri

[Refrain - Ol' Dirty Bastard:]
Enter the Wu-Tang zone
Enter the Wu-Tang zone
Enter the Wu-Tang zone
Enter the Wu-Tang zone
[Verse 1 - RZA:]
We don't hunt deer
Vegetarian dishes from the concierge
Presidential suites, presidential treats
Brazilian models, oilin' up my feet
10 days a month, my girl pays for lunch
3 days a week, we work out at Crunch
Time after time, line after line
Our stock increases, rhyme after rhyme
In the valley, of San Fernando
Found Q-Tip's wallet in El Segundo
Prolly been spotted on Telemundo
With more wild cards than a box of Uno
That spin like propeller, my dog like Old Yeller
Holler at the moon, my goons at Coachella
[Verse 2 - U-God:]
I got my hands in the pot, 500 grand in the yacht
I'm the dope man with plans to expand on every block
Wu-brand, legendary hands, hard as penitentiary rock
Now put that to your temple, the Wu symbol's 'bout to drop
Insert the beam on my Glock, got that lean in my bottle
What that mean? High self esteem, straight cream on the top
Ridin' chops similar to UFC kickbox, kick rocks
Dirty trucker pit stops, shit, grams in a Ziploc
Watch how the pitbull lock his jaws, then lock your doors
Feds watch the boards, hip hop spills out my pores
I be raw, 4 plus 4, but 7 more
The Clan rock the tours, we be them reservoir dogs
[Hook - RZA:]
Pioneer the frontier
Pioneer the frontier
Pioneer the frontier
Pioneer the frontier
[Verse 3 - Inspectah Deck:]
Guaranteed I bang hard
I plan to leave the game large, no brainwash
The devil himself could not persuade God, my blade's sharp
Circle my square, I dare you Braveheart
Before I leave your head in your hands, what's your name, huh?
My lines get in your cells like 7 Ls
Any problem, I address you like I'm sendin' you mail
Let me do well, they'd rather see me dead or in jail
But let it be my life story if they ever do tell
Know I died for what I live
An intimate connection for that infinite reflection
That's my wife and my kids, there's a price on my lid
So now my stock's high and shots fired
My niggas who was tight with the kid
I'm hot as Hell's Kitchen with the oven on
Deck bomb, teflon the rappers nothin' to a don
If I'm frontin' then respond
If not, throw up your arms, it's the Killer Bee swarm
And your set, the fuck is y'all?
[Verse 4 - Masta Killa:]
You enterin' the 36, masterin' the 18
[?]chamber sixth, hands down, I crush bricks
Backs that'll break bats, this is what y'all wanted back
Classic Wu RZA track with mathematic actual facts
That weigh heavy, the universal strikin' attack
Dance the drunken medley, long axe blade, machete
The shallow steppin' ninja

Wu Tang Clan
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Wu Tang Clan - Ron O'neal Şarkı Sözleri

No matter what the weather, we be getting our cheddar
So we can have a better tomorrow
Oh, money, cars, superstars, getting ours, working hard
For a better tomorrow
[Verse 1 - Method Man:]
Coach, put me in the game
I'm for real, other peoples tryna to put me in them chains
Whatever the topic, let's put it in the frame
We can even load it and cock it and put it in they brains
I'm saying, some rappers do it for a chain
Kill yourself, I know killers that'll do it for some change
These veterans is slipping, they ain't doing it the same
I don't slip, set a pick and put a shooter in your lane
Precise, 'bout shoot them at the range
But I ain't tryna shoot it with you rappers, I'll just shoot it at your dame
Y'all never should have threw me in the game
Found a new word for weed, that was so mean
I threw it in my name
[Verse 2 - Inspectah Deck:]
My soul laid out on the block like arms spraying
The law hating, warring like Blacks and Caucasians
God versus Satan, I'm laying in the dark
With the Mossberg, waiting, letting off first basing
Slim from the cotton club washing a scrub
Deuce high when he cruise by, spotting his love
Hold the mic like a .38 muzzle to snub
This flow, call it OJ blood on the glove
Above rap, capital G's speak on the facts
Please believe that, meaning that I keep it a stack
He's back, he a beast on the track
The only time that I go soft is probably with your freak in the sack
Feel the bass make sure he shake, murder verse, first forty-eight
Manslaughter, nearly caught a case
I crack heads more than base
Stack bread when I orchestrate, that said y'all the base
[Verse 3 - Ghostface Killah:]
I seen niggas sniff coke through a crazy straw
Come out they shirts sweating bullets with the Bobby Brown jaw
Dry mouth, grinding back and forth plus he's steaming a NewportW
We all holdin' the torch
Few staircase murders, some burners don't blam right
Guns that kicked around the wall you better stand tight
Full of X, AK's, whilin' in lobbys, bulletproof PJ's
Fuck around and get spunned like the DJ
CSI traumatized by viewing the instant replay
Spongebob niggas get scars nigga
I'm off style in any section of the hood I'll pull your car nigga
See ignorance wouldn't allow retreat
So you rather pursue death than admit defeat
See ignorance wouldn't allow retreat
So you rather pursue death than admit defeat
[Verse 4 - RZA:]
Ay yo, I used to be so narcissistic, park the whip and spark the biscuits
Spit hollow tipped shells at the Narcs with quickness
Live to tell the tale, cause only God's my witness
Been a long time, change gonna come son, I'm optimistic
I hold the steel like Ron O'Neal
Super fly, do or die, killer hill, Brownsville
Never win, never will, yes I can, yes I will
Put a dot upon your knot then I drill through your grill
Like a dentist, my apprentice speaks with a vengeance
Demented scientists counting bodies in the trenches
That's judges off the benches, got inches for y'all wenches
We plant those hot seeds then drove in cold winters
[Hook + Bridge]

Wu Tang Clan
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Wu Tang Clan - Never Let Go Şarkı Sözleri

[Sample - Martin Luther King:]
I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation. Five score years ago, a great American in whose symbolic shadow we stand today
[Verse 1 - Masta Killa:]
Look, homicide is illegal, death is a penalty
Never let go when you've got ahold of your enemy
Eagle claw cobra clutch by any means necessary
I'll never let it go, see my shadow ninja mic flow
I throw a great entre dart arrow to your temple
Allmighty[?]to the insidious
Plan of the Wu-Tang Clan became a world brand
We never let it go, we talk a half a mil a show
[Verse 2 - GZA:]
Never let go of your mind
It's a terrible thing to waste
To lose, but it's very hard to find
Being that ignorance is lethal
We must touch hearts, tune souls, harmonize the people
Never let go of your plan, execute
So when you shoot, inspire everyone on the land
Never lose knowledge of yourself
For it may become risk to your health
And great loss of wealth
[Verse 3 - Method Man:]
Never let go of your cream, never let go of your dream
Players retire, but they never let go of the team
If you a rider then you never let go of that thing
Pull up your mans' like you better let go of that bling
This life's crazy, too many life sentences, maybe
Fatherless babies on the block but they father 380
That's just the hood lately, never let go
I'm what the hood made me
Momma told me to find a good lady
[Verse 4 - Inspectah Deck:]
Never let go of staring at the death
Like yo, that's your best blow
I still hold on like En Vogue
The cold go to war with the heat
Eyes wide, never falling asleep
All the talking is cheap
Call'em, ultimate warrior, W.W.F
I come up victorious, struggle is nothing to Deck
Set it straight for the seeds, to see a better new
Take the real life by the rings and I ain't letting go
I ain't letting go
No matter what the odds be
No matter how hard we
You never let go
[Verse 5 - U-God:]
Never let go of the fight, never let go of the mic
My honesty, my values, my loyalty, my pride
And memory of those who have passed to the other side
Never letting go, I'm never letting go of my beliefs
My faith, convictions, real
Both hands holding on, never let go the wheel
We hood legends, misunderstood
These lessons, learned
Growing up for manhood
Keep focus on the prize what you better do
A little taste of heaven, sunshine is where we headed to
States what's ahead of you, always on the schedule
Smoke the gold leaf down to the residue
Letting go, is something that I never do
Those who let go, live life regrettable
Never let go of your hope or your rope
Eyes on the prize, never let go of the scope
When I'm in jail, never let go of the soap
Hold on, boy, never let go
[Verse 6 - RZA:]
Never let go, the all-eye-seeing, the supreme
Never let go the love of your seeds, or your queen
Never let go your heart, or the place you started
The feeling that I had, Wu-Tang had just charted
The old earth departed, I give thanks to the martyrs
I never let go the love I have for thy father
Never let go the glow
The more I know the more that it shows
I won't let go, even if I decompose
Your seed will carry it on, we need to carry it on
Pass the baton, life is just the marathon
And ain't' playing to win it, it's an epidemic
Never let go, that's what the god recommended
[Sample - Martin Luther King:]
And there will be neither rest nor tranquility in America. The whirlwinds of revolt will continue to shake the foundations of our nation until the bright day of justice emerges. Who stand on the warm threshold which leads into the palace of justice. For many of our white brothers, as evidenced by their presence here today, have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny.

Wu Tang Clan
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