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Wu Tang Clan - Necklace Şarkı Sözleri & Dinle

Wu Tang Clan - Necklace Şarkı Sözleri: [Interlude:] Brother, I think that necklace is causing you too much trouble [Verse 1 - Cappadonna:] My necklace had

Wu Tang Clan - Necklace Şarkı Sözleri

Brother, I think that necklace is causing you too much trouble
[Verse 1 - Cappadonna:]
My necklace had the whole crowd on some next shit
The guest list full of real niggas that's hectic
The charm piece made my niggas move like calm beasts
Palm beats, two jostling niggas with long reach
Keep your eyes open for them strong on thieves
Out here looking for ice to put in they teeth
Chain glowing shining and I'm ready for beef
Like my nigga 2 Chainz, cappuccino from the east
From the Wu-Tang Clan, my necklace and my heat
Bang bang, different robe every day of the week
2 Angels, dinner plate, fat dollar sign
Universal flag on, nigga, I got shine
[Verse 2 - Raekwon:]
I keep my neck frozen, .45 loaded, please don't approach this
Rope is so ferocious, diamonds that shine in oceans
Keep you arm distant from my carats, silly rabbits
Make me get my barrel, spazzed out and cause havoc
Iced out Cubans, exotic stones from Africa
This the real thing, big bling, the chain swing
Try to swipe mines, that's a no no, the God's loco
Jury truckin' fancy spend stacks upon Delancey
Exhaust pipes coffin horse kicks
ACP's dress up the flesh, now the crime scene's gorgeous
My links is unbreakable, told y'all on the Purple Tape
40 inches hang from my neck, nigga, I'm wealthy
[Break during Interlude - Ghostface Killah:]
Why you say that?
It's real, kill a nigga for this shit
Aha, yo relax sis
[Verse 3 - Ghostface Killah:]
Dinner plates rings, smothered in 2 pounds of dope
Eric B on the cut when it blings
Scrubbin' chain down in Colgate, double edged bangers
On they hips I wait in the jaw break
The snakes and the violators, Dracula style takers
We got a bunch of gold balls, but we ain't the Lakers
Hey bitches, stay lickin' my necklace
And I ain't even put the dumb bitch in the guest list
That's what you get when you throwin' on Cuban's
Drawers that's made from silk, a robe and a Ruger
Crack heads catchin' a sweet vix on a scooter
Catch me for my chain, it belongs on a shooter
Lucky my shit blow like a horn on a tuba
You might as well do me now cause I will do ya
[Verse 4 - GZA:]
God-Cipher-Love-Divine in math 79
Bright yellow and dense in its gift and shine
Still the same when exposed to air and water
Like when amongst thieves you travellin' across the border
The brink of the metal link when in transition remains solid
The message was lost in transmission
That's often in a free elemental form
Nuggets and grains and rocks and things that's norm
Malleable ductile metal on many levels
Get you shot for a Flintstone, killed for a pebble
Lieutenants and Generals move with criminals
The pride for all in line, they hunt for mineral
The scope is on the rope, claws on the table
Brass knuckle, knees buckle, legs unstable
And it's sold by the weight
Shaped into a plate with food on it
The hungry wolves lie and wait
[Outro skit:]
Tu Tin-To. So you're the tigers of Tinan, bastard, you're gonna pay for this, you'll die here. I'll use the tiger strike to kill you all. I'll show you the three different strokes. Forest Tiger! Win Tiger, Winmau Tiger!

Wu Tang Clan
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