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Forsaken World - My Shelter Şarkı Sözleri & Dinle

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Forsaken World - My Shelter Şarkı Sözleri

Since the beginning,
I saw my hopes fell into illusions,
And all your knives ready to pierce me.
Tied to a sinking ship, I forgot my humanity,
And walked alone without purpose.

All your negative acts put a fucking blackout in my existence.
And what's came out of this, is endless years of troubles.
Where I've met the Sun and danced with the Stars,
And made a dark galaxy my home.

I always tried so very hard, to be someone that I'm not,
But at the slightest scratch, I crawl back into My Shelter.

But I've fell in another feeling,
The most beautiful but the most destructive.
I discovered my true face, with bitterness as light.
My heart has been thrown into the lion's den,
Love is a game with no sense,
Then, I'm always stand here,
And thinking "what's next?"

I shoring up My Shelter from years to years,
And bury the key in an ocean of poisoned thoughts.
I lock up inside all the rage,
Again and again your fucking words are bouncing
Against the walls of My Shelter.

Forsaken World
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