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Forsaken World - Crucified Truth Şarkı Sözleri & Dinle

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Forsaken World - Crucified Truth Şarkı Sözleri

You condemned yourselves to live in
The shadow of something created by
The fragile minds of the first men.

Abandon your freedom in the glory
Of a story distorted by the ages
Place all your bet on books
That can be written by any weird, Deranged, Pathetic man.

Every religion is a sect, have a clear conscience, give your money.
You will pay your place to heaven.

It's very easy to reject your problems
On a divine force who take care of you,
HA HA "Take Care" what a contradictory expression.
The hardest part is to face that fact: Why Humans don't coexists in Peace?
We're just freak of nature, just some genetic mutations.

So, adore the ones who rapes your children, God Bless Anal raping.
Pray the ones who don't allowed you the greatest joy in here.
Get on your knees for the ones who killed your Self-reflection.
Don't forget to eat the body of the greatest swindler of humanity.

Stay numb in your illusions, I will drink a cup of wine and fuck all night,
In the Name of GOD.

When men blindly follow the truth,
Reminds you, that nothing is true.
When men are limited by morality or law,
Reminds you, that everything is allowed.

God Bless Me, to send you this sweet poisoned Truth.

In (scream your name here) We Trust.

Forsaken World
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