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Forty Fathoms - Unsung Şarkı Sözleri & Dinle

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Forty Fathoms - Unsung Şarkı Sözleri

We looked back at the sky
İts been a long time since the first night
And the flames rose high but it was us this time
And we started to find that
The sinners will sin and the angels will not sing
But a mans a man and a facts a fact
We''re not the wicked ones and we hold onto that

Thinking back ı was young, ı was naive
Manipulated by my country to believe
That this was the right thing but my
My family was dependent on me
They said ı''d make history

When did we sell our lives away?
To steal the freedom of this state
They''ll never know our names,
Our minds wont be the same
But this time our lives are on the line

My family name will not carry on
İf they don''t put an end to this
Will ı ever get out?
Can someone please put an end to this madness
Oh yeah, what were taught wasn''t true
These people had feelings just like me and you
We still burnt their homes, sixteen months and ı still don''t know

What am ı fighting for?
What are we fighting for?

Kiss my locket, yeah we''re onto the front line
We''re completely surrounded, we''re completely

Napalm rains down from the sky, the executioner is on our side

Forty Fathoms
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