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Forty Fathoms - Hopeless Şarkı Sözleri & Dinle

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Forty Fathoms - Hopeless Şarkı Sözleri


So this is it, dont let us down
This is just what we needed to get off the ground
We couldnt ask for a better time (not a moment to soon)
So live your life its time to move

İts time to move, so leave this place and the faces you know
İts time to move, dont turn your back, take it run its all we know

İs this a dream? if so ill sleep forever

İts just, its just the first chance of many
While yours falls apart
You never believed in us, why would it ever change?

You are hopeless, we are
We are alone

You will see the truth, when the time has come
You will see the truth, when the deed is done

We are the chosen ones

Forty Fathoms
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