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Forty Fathoms - Backstabber Şarkı Sözleri & Dinle

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Forty Fathoms - Backstabber Şarkı Sözleri

This is the sickest season, your darkest day
We know your games and the ways that you play
İts your obituary, the spit on your grave
İts about that time you shook hands with your fate
İ will destroy you (we will destroy you)
This grave was dug for two
This night will be your last

Youre nothing but a backstabber
You cross the line, they should lock a man up for thinking thoughts like mine

You called yourself the savior of the scene,
But we paved the ground you walk on
There are no bridges left to burn(left to burn)
This time you better fucking learn(better fucking learn)

You are sicker than the plague you spread
Get back to the hole you crawled out of (you wont get away)

When will you see, you are done fucking with me
Said it once said it twice revenge is my name its a thin line that lies between infamy and fame

Forty Fathoms
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