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Forsaken World - Electroshock Şarkı Sözleri & Dinle

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Forsaken World - Electroshock Şarkı Sözleri

We cannot say that we've not been warned,
Through thousands of prophecies,
One had to be finally true.
Is this the last breath of our Earth?
We never understood
That we are not pawns of God,
But those of space-time, who have Checked our King.
We still have a round to play,
Last call for Humanity:

Open Your Eyes,
Move Forward,
Run Before,
You die,
Everything burns,
Get up,

And like an ElectroShock,
I wake up on this devastated land.
With dead people around me,
While I get up on my feet,
To just see a world ablaze.
Like a ghost I walk around,
Searching for nothing.
As I see shadows at the horizon,
I'm getting closer with fear pulsating in my head.

These shapes who are watching me,
Through this misty smoke.
Then I hold out my hand,
To this people shocked like me.
These words slip out of my mouth.

And like an ElectroShock,
I saw a guiding light,
I am Our Own Savior.
We're going on a journey,
Last Exodus of humanity
Close to extinction, we mourn our fate out
As all these fragments flowing in our minds...

Forsaken World
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